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As a medical specialist 👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️, you want to tap into your specialty's databases to better the outcome of your patients, to save on time or cost of care, or simply to unearth relevant and impactful findings.

However you lack time and know-how to do it and, for lots of reasons, asking a clinical research unit to do it isn't tractable...

— You're at the right place!

What I do:

I help medical specialists with consultancy in epidemio-statistics, operational support to run long-term patient follow-ups, and support to develop software and data for specialty research.

To talk, simply schedule a call or check the contact page.

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Helping you in your specialty research with epidemio-statistics

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Long-term patient follow-up

Helping improve the efficacy and quality of your long-term patient follow-ups

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Data for specialty research

Helping improve the value and efficacy of your specialty's registries

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Software for specialty research

Helping improve your clinical research workflows with software

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