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November 9, 2016

What is the best fraud prevention service for ecommerce?

What is the best fraud prevention service for ecommerce?

TL;DR: The ideal fraud prevention solution for e-commerce services detects 100% of fraud attempts and never rejects any real customer. It requires no installation and no maintenance, and its response time is immediate. In addition, it runs fully autonomously with no intervention it is once deployed.

However, in practice, the best fraud prevention solution for your e-commerce service varies depending on your turnover and your exposure to the risk of payment fraud.

Hence, for many e-commerce services that aren’t exposed to payment fraud, no fraud prevention is the best solution!

For others, despite the possible loss in conversion, 3DSecure [1] is the best solution because it provides an additional layer of protection that the e-commerce service requires without the owner needing to worry about setting up and managing a fraud prevention solution.

Still, when the e-commerce service is exposed to a moderate risk, the fraud prevention solution provided by the payment service providers [2] or acquiring banks [3] are often sufficient. These solutions are usually simple, reliable, and cost effective, at least in the short term.

However, if fraud risk is a significant threat to your business, your turnover will be a good proxy to determine the best solution for you.

As expected, the bigger your e-commerce service is (Fortune 500 in the USA, CAC 40 in France), the more it will require customization, specific features, and compliance with complex regulatory frameworks. Therefore, it's likely that the best solutions will come from premium providers, e.g., Visa or American Express.

If you are more scrappy or more techy or if your requirements are simpler to fulfill, many robust or innovative solutions are available from companies and startups (see [4] for a list). These vendors are located in the United States, Brazil, Europe, etc..

— They are closing the gap towards reaching an ideal solution.


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