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Fabrice Colas

Fabrice is a Ph.D. from the computer science faculty of Leiden, in the Netherlands, with a lifelong interest in applied mathematics. Fabrice helps medical specialists with consultancy in epidemio-statistics, quantitative risk modeling, the running of epidemiological follow-ups, and scientific writing.

In the past, Fabrice has had several postdoctoral experiences in bioinformatics and epidemio-statistics to study the genetics of complex pathologies like autism and rheumatoid arthritis. In 2018, after several years helping industry with risk management intelligence with several bottom-line impacting results, Fabrice resumed working at hospitals. At the academic hospital of Rennes, he did the epidemio-statistics of several studies of the long-term efficacy of various therapeutic treatment in cardiovascular surgery, like left ventricular assist devices and aortic valve replacement.

Next to work, Fabrice attempts —to the distress of his neighbours— to learn and play music, likes to walk and run, and is interested in positive psychology and mindfulness.  

Professional highlights:

✓ Published with epidemio-statistics, bioinf, statistical learning (IF=5.1, 3.8, 1.1 in 2020), SIGAPS=58
✓ Worked at three academic hospitals: Rennes (CHU Pontchaillou), Leiden (LUMC), and Utrecht (UMC)
✓ In industry, build a risk analytics engine that helped save 2.3 million € of an SMB's bottom-line

★ Authored "Risk Management Intelligence" (on Amazon): An industry monograph that details the bits and pieces to manage risk on autopilot when processing payments online

Published writings:

Google Scholar includes all the published writings.

PubMed lists publications in human genetics and clinical research.

Author of a monograph on risk management intelligence in industry